“I’m leaving you.”
When my wife spat out those words, I was angry.
I thought I could move on.
Thought I could keep on living my best life without her.
I was wrong.
You don’t ever get over a woman like Rose Reynolds.
You worship her until the day you die.
I did while we dated, and for years after our marriage.
But then I went and screwed up.
My Rose comes with thorns, and she won’t forgive me. She won’t listen to a word I have to say.
She’s completely shut me out.
When I see her on a date months later, I decide in order to win her back, I have to do everything I can to make her realize she’s still mine.
I’m going to play dirty.
So, I follow her to her apartment building where we get stuck in the elevator.
That’s where things change.
We say things we don’t mean.
Things we both regret.
​​​​​​​Things that just might be impossible to fix our marriage.


About the Author

Kathy is a USA Today Best Selling Author. A wife, mother, and book nerd. She loves chatting with her readers and making new book friends. You can visit with her and other book lovers in her reading group.


Zing is that special feeling, that sensation filled with passion and desire. Kathy Coopman’s novella expresses this emotion and sense of feeling, vibrating from each page. I was hooked from the first chapter, actually the prologue had me, and I never turned back. I finished this book in one sitting, turning each page with a sense of urgency, yearning to discover the ending. The romance between Rose and Callan was desirable and steamy. Their passion burned throughout the story. The only issue I have with this story was the climatic reasoning why they separated in the beginning. I find it to be a little dramatic and exaggerated, but overall I really enjoyed this story. I highly recommend and will continue to read more from Kathy Coopman.