Lexy is in a love triangle. What a cliché, right? Only it’s real life, and it involves two brothers… Simon and Max Hyatt.
Simon was Lexy’s world. He had tapped into her very soul, kept her secrets, and loved her deeply. After pledging his love and promising to marry her, his parents died in a horrific accident and Simon had disappeared. And now he’s back, but even in the vaguely familiar, they’ve become strangers.
Max, Simon’s charming and well-meaning older brother, decides to play cupid. He just wants his brother to find the happiness he deserves. Big Mistake. As Max spends more time with Lexy, they get closer. She helps him through his demons and breaks down his walls. But the harder Max pushes Lexy onto Simon, where he believes she belongs, the stronger their own chemistry builds against the boundaries Max has reluctantly set.

But Lexy is no one’s fool. She knows exactly what she wants in life, and it doesn’t include a love triangle between brothers, only Lexy can’t deny everything wonderful she had with Simon, and she also can’t ignore everything she’s creating with Max. And then comes the announcement that Max is to be deployed, setting off a series of life-changing events. Time is running out. Lexy’s heart has reluctantly chosen one, but she could never tread on the bonds of brotherhood. At least not intentionally.

About the Author

THE MELODY OF US (formerly titled THE WAY BACK TO US) is my first indie romance. I am so excited to share it with you. If you enjoyed my book, I’d love your review on Goodreads and Amazon. Thank you to those of you who took the time to do that. It means so much. Thank you also to those who have taken the time to find me on social media to compliment my book and to ask about a sequel. You inspire me.


The Way Back to Us is an AMAZING love story!!! I didn’t know who to cheer for. I loved the Hyatt brothers and Lexy. So many emotions in this book and talk about crying like a baby. I want more of Max and Lexy. I hope Simon gets his own book. I loved all the characters. Julia is a new author to me and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next. The Way Back to Us is a MUST read. I devoured it.