My new neighbor is a complete jerk. A tall, brooding, tattooed jerk. I tried to be nice, bake some cupcakes for him and his adorable daughter, and the only reaction I could come up with to his ice-cold reception was to shove those pink cupcakes right into his muscular chest.

In my defense, it was a rough week.

Being back in Seattle for the first time in years was hard enough, the fact that I was there for the dispersal of my father’s will made it even harder. I had no intention of staying, until I got a football stadium-sized surprise as my dad’s final gift to me.
No … really. He left me a football team.

It’s how I found myself in a conference room, staring down the veteran quarterback who wants nothing to do with a new owner. And that quarterback? It’s my tall, brooding, tattooed jerk of a neighbor.

Now he’s everywhere. Next door with his daughter. In meetings. Don’t even get me started on away games.
Luke Pierson is under my skin, and pretty soon, I’m not sure I want it any other way.


Five big SWOONY Stars!!

Nothing is better to me than a single dad story with a dad that is 100% into his kid. And let me just say that Luke Pierson is that dad and that man.

Luke Pierson Quarterback for the Washington Wolves, is a single Dad to an adorable 6 yr old little lady named Faith. Being in the spotlight isn’t something Luke likes. He’s a simple man who keeps his personal and family life quiet.

Alexandra Sutton’s whole life changes once her father passes away. Not only did she inherit his money, she also inherited his football team. Surprised at this Allie steps up to the game by asking for help, reading over all the paperwork, getting to know the players. She’s determined.

When these two first meet, it doesn’t go over very smoothly. Like at all. And then when these two find out who each other is the story flips and things change. We watch as the tension builds with these two and then when the damn breaks it’s so sexy and so complicated. But once there is a leak everything changes. Hearts are broken and feelings swell to new heights.

Then there is a grand gesture that will make your heart swell so big that you feel as though it will pop. These two characters are meant for each other and once all the messiness of everything subsides, their love conquers all.

A book you won’t want to put down and a story that will leave you breathless.