After a disastrous high school game of spin the bottle, I gave up trying to get a boyfriend and spent my time studying instead. Now I’m twenty-four, and I’m not only a virgin, I haven’t even been kissed.

When I meet Danny, a handsome legal hotshot, he catches my eye. Right before I trip on flat ground. Ugh.Studious (IOU, #2)

He’s got a massive … reputation. He’s the most popular guy in the club, a total playboy with a new conquest every night. There’s no way he’d be interested in me.

But one night after I imbibe too much, he winds up taking care of me. And when I ask for his help with my travesty of a social life, he agrees to teach me how to be less awkward with men … if I let him document my progress so he can win a bet with his best friend.

Even though he’s just my love tutor and I’m just his apprentice, this starts to feel like more.

Too bad it can’t be anything but a high-level seminar in how to seduce someone else.

Studious is a sweet and sexy contemporary opposites-attract m/m romance about a suave attorney who’s scared to love and the shy, nerdy bookkeeper he’s teaching how to be a player. Cue makeover montage and a smoldering first kiss. These heroes most definitely are not falling in love. (Okay, heartwarming HEA guaranteed.)


About the Author

Leslie McAdam is a California girl who loves romance and well-defined abs. She lives in a drafty old farmhouse on a small orange tree farm in Southern California with her husband and two small children. Leslie’s first published book, The Sun and the Moon, won a 2015 Watty, which is the world’s largest online writing competition. She’s gone on to receive additional literary awards and has been featured in multiple publications, including Her books have been Top 100 Bestsellers on both Amazon and Apple Books. Leslie is employed by day but spends her nights writing about the men of your fantasies.


I am so happy I decided to pick up this book. I was recently introduced to M/M romance and I have been hooked ever since. This story did not disappoint. This is my first read from Leslie McAdam and it will not be my last. Leslie’s writing was superb as I was easily able to imagine each scene as if watching with my own eyes.

The romance between Danny and Alden is spicy and smoldering, definitely lots of angst! Danny is a virgin, shy yet eager to finally become physical and meet someone, so he partners with Alden, who is the exact opposite. Alden is the typical playboy, taking Danny under his wing to build self confidence and sex appeal. Tension builds between them as they are unable to fight the heating desire building within. I was on the edge of my seat as the plot thickened. The moments between Alden and Danny were filled wit spice yet passion. If you love reading blossoming romance, this will not disappoint.