Hadley Carson has reached rock bottom. Kicked out after a one-night-stand, half-dressed and hungover . . . at least she never has to see him again, right?Pieces of You (All Your Pieces Book 1)
Wrong. Jesse Thomas is the best man in her best friend’s wedding; as the maid of honor, she’s stuck by his side for a whole week.


About the Author

Kylie Monahan lives in Florida, where she enjoys various art forms, reading, cozy blankets, and supporting animal shelters.

First writing stories as a young child, she decided early on to become an author, and is excited to be making that childhood dream a reality.

You can find her on the following platforms, where she’d love to talk with you, and thank you for supporting her work.”




First, I’d like to commend the author for diving into such a sensitive subject as mental health. As someone who’s experienced mental health challenges in the past, I appreciate this book so much. In relation to the story, I was hooked in the first chapter and wanted to see how the story between Hadley and Jesse ended.

The character development is strong as I truly felt for the characters, especially Jesse. His struggles with depression and anxiety seemed realistic, especially the moments highlighting his PTSD. Hadley’s character was enticing as she was written as a strong, yet broken female. Yes, it’s possible to be both strong and broken. She was strong for Jesse, even as she was molding the broken pieces within her.

The romance between the two was sweet and gentle. I wouldn’t necessarily say it was a slow-burn but still good nonetheless. The spicy factor was prominent yet calm at the same time. Overall, I enjoyed reading their story and look forward to reading more this author. As a debut, I find this to be very well done. Great job, Kylie!