Will a makeover bring his fantasy to life or lead him to a love he never saw coming?
As a professional X-ray tech, Ridley has come a long way from the geeky kid Jace took under his wing in high school. Not that his best friend has noticed. Tired of pining, Ridley decides to show Jace what he’s missing. And what better way than with a newer, more sophisticated look?

Cole’s clients at the salon where he works love him dearly. Men? Not so much. He has dated one mistake after the next, and he’s beginning to wonder if a guy exists who can handle his fabulousness. Then Ridley lands in his chair.

Cole agrees to be Ridley’s makeover guru, and they click effortlessly. But when Cole offers to help Ridley with his sexual confidence, passion flares and boundaries blur.

Ridley’s had his heart set on Jace a long time, but when he’s with Cole it feels too real to deny. Now he has a choice to make: the friend he’s always wanted or the man who’s given him a whole new lease on life.

Operation Makeover is part of the Hearts and Health series, but can be read as a standalone.

About the Author

DJ Jamison writes sweet but spicy M/M romance that most readers consider relatively low-angst. She grew up in a working-class family, and many of those influences can be found in her books: family drama, workplace conflict, and of course, love! DJ lives in Kansas with her husband, two sons, a timid snake, and a sadistic cat named Birdie.


This book had such a powerful meaning. One that each reader of this book will feel. This is a story of finding ones true self. With a little help from an unlikely source.

Ridley a X-ray technician, has a crush on his best friend of 10+ years. He thinks he needs to change himself to get Jaces attention. But when the plan backfires a new set of feelings emerge.

Cole is one of the best hairdressers at Fringe. One new client later and he’s helping Ridley get his crush. Until feelings start to grow. Until just being friends isn’t working anymore. Things take quite the turn and now they both are working toward different goals.

Great development of characters, great build up and a story that will make your heart very happy. The side characters are good and give the story a different feel. Sometimes you may want to throttle a few of them. But in the end this makeover, ends in true love.

Highly recommended.