Only one house has separated McKenzie Baker and twins, Luke and Olivia Harris, since birth. After seventeen years of wearing a path across the neighbor’s yard, Luke and McKenzie realize their friendship evolved and deepened even before they had fully learned what romantic feelings meant.

Both have flashbacks often, revisiting the tender, emotional moments that strengthened their bond since the age of five. However, Luke’s twin, Olivia, doesn’t share in their happiness, worrying the new relationship will change the ones she has with her best friend and brother. This disapproval quickly tests Luke and McKenzie’s intense love for one another.

Luke’s life has been mapped out for him since birth, with a sports scholarship hanging in the balance. He and McKenzie think their future together is finally on track, when they are struck with a much more serious dilemma.

During difficult times and a devastating accident, a bond between a brother and sister shines through, and Luke and McKenzie’s profound connection is undeniable.

This story takes you on a journey of heartache and joy, leaving the belief that extraordinary love exists, and some hearts are destined to attach.




I received a copy of this book an exchange for an honest review.

Luke and Mckenzie always knew they had something special. Growing up they were always together, along with Luke’s twin Olivia.They were always there for each other, especially for Kenzie whose father was abusive. Throughout the years Luke and Kenzie shared special moments. Knowing Olivia wouldn’t approve of them being together they kept their moments a secret. Luke convinces himself that he isn’t in love with Kenzie and shuts away his feelings. In high school boys are starting to notice both Kenzie and Olivia. When Kenzie starts to consider dating another guy, Luke realizes he must confess his true feelings for her or risk losing Kenzie to another guy. Little does Luke know that Kenzie feels the same way. Will their confessions bring them together or is it too late for their love?

This was such a cute story and not what I expected. I finished it in one sitting! It is not your typical high school/true love type of story. It has some plot twists and the emotions that the characters were feeling had me in tears, which in this case was a good thing.The love connection between Luke and Kenzie was amazing. This is a heartfelt story and a truly enjoyable read.