I don’t love him. I don’t even like him.
I just want him.

Eli Loveless was my nemesis from the first day of kindergarten until we graduated high school. Everything I did, he had to do better – and vice versa. The day he left town was the best day of my life.

Ten years later, the day he came back was the worst.

Now he’s my co-worker.

Grown-up Eli Loveless is sexy as sin. He’s hotter than asphalt in the summer. The irritating kid I once knew is gone, and he’s been replaced by a man with green eyes, perfect abs, and a cocky smile.

It’s bad that I want him.

It’s worse that he wants me back.

There are looks. There are smirks. There are smiles that make my panties burst into flame.

And then there’s a shared kiss that leads to the hottest night of my life.

This is no office romance. This is a five-alarm fire.

What’s a girl to do when the man I can’t stand is the one I can’t stop lusting after?

Enter into a friends-with-benefits agreement, of course.

No dates. No relationship. Just blisteringly hot sex, because if there’s one person I could never fall for, it’s Eli.


About the Author

Roxie is a romance author by day, and also a romance author by night. She lives in Los Angeles with one husband, two cats, far too many books, and a truly alarming pile of used notebooks that she refuses to throw away.

She’s the author of the Loveless Brothers series, the upcoming Wildwood Society series, and a bunch of other books that are also delightful.


A true enemies to lovers romance.

Five Stars!

Enemies with Benefits was a amazing read. You are activated from the first page to very last. Great characters, a bit of a mystery and back and forth banter that will have you chuckling.

Violet and Eli have hated each other their whole lives. These two had a rivalry like no one else. Always trying to outdo one another all the way up to graduation. Now 10 years later they end up working at the same place. Years of frustration, years of jabs and years of competition has these two back at each other’s throats again.

But what they don’t realize is while they may hate each other, there is a slow burn of attraction between them. With the years of hating they both don’t realize that their hate may be more than that, that these two could have a love like no other.

Their back and forth banter is so entertaining and watching these two fall is heartwarming. This was an excellent read. A new to be author and one I will be following.