On the cusp of adulthood, Aurora met tragedy and darkness in a horrifying car crash. Death snatched her mom and sister away, destroying her family in a heartbeat. In its wake, it left her alive, but barely living; her only means of surviving includes copious amounts of Percocet and Xanax.
Terrified of stepping beyond her backyard, the broken-hearted and physically damaged nineteen-year-old doesn’t need anyone, anyway. Until she meets him.

Shy and smoking hot, Nate is hooked by Aurora’s sarcastic wit and curious about her fear. A man on a mission, he wants to help her overcome the issues chaining her to a mediocre life. He needs to, if he’s ever going to have her as part of his world – a passion he keeps hidden from her. If he succeeds with the impossible goal, he’ll cure more than just her PTSD, he’ll heal her heart.

But when her fears collide with his passion, it drives Aurora away.
Can she face her fears head on? Or is the damage irreparable?

Duly Noted is a New Adult romance dealing with PTSD and drug addiction.

About the Author

H.M. Shander is a USA TODAY bestselling author, and a hopeless romantic and lover of chocolate, coconut and a damn good cup of coffee. She is the author of the award nominated Aurora MacIntyre Trilogy, the tantalizing The Ladies of Westside series, the bestselling series Accidentally in Love and the award winning book Return to Cheshire Bay. She writes swoon-worthy, gentle beta heroes, in sweet or steamy storylines that all end with a happily ever after.

When not writing, she is a part-time librarian content to drive her children to the curling rink, the soccer pitch or any activity the kids are excited to be a part of. Happily married for twenty plus years, she believes she’s married the sweetest man and the greatest inspiration for her heroes.


Duly Noted! The story of Aurora and Nate- it started off with intensity and emotions that felt so real! Aurora was in a tragic accident and survived with PSTD and a drug abuse problem- Nate a race car driver fell hard for her and was determined to help her through her fears! Let me tell you….. Nate is everyone’s fantasy man! Well we all know love does not come easy- and we watch it first hand be torn from their fingertips!!! This story was so well written with detail and so beautiful (until it wasn’t and then it was again ;)…….. definite must read…. especially to witness first hand true love, friendship, strength and determination and much much more!