Rick Delaney is off-limits. Vee Wyland knows this. She knows it because he’s her boyfriend’s older brother.
But he’s sex in the form of a six-foot hottie she can’t ignore, and when her world lies in tatters at her feet, she can’t resist following him into the underbelly of the secret establishment he works for.

The Rental is the last place Vee ever thought she’d find herself, but she’s drawn to the money, the decadence of seduction, and despite the company’s no fraternization policy, she can’t deny the one thing she wants most: a life of sexual decadence with the one guy she can’t have.


The prequel, Masquerade, can be read before or after this book.


About the Author

graphic designer, hobby photographer, crazy cat (and dog) lady, tea snob.


I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. For Vee Wyland her whole world is crumbling. In one night she was betrayed by her boyfriend and best friend. She also lost her dad. Vee spends most of her days avoiding her past and getting high. When Rick Delaney comes back into town, old feelings start coming back for Vee. When an opportunity arises for Vee to work at The Rental she takes it. The Rental is an exotic place that make fantasies come true. The place is enticing to Vee as she is just learning about her own sexuality. Rick also works there and doesn’t want Vee working there. The attraction between Vee and Rick is undeniable. Vee must choose between a chance with Rick or exploring her own sexuality.

I loved this book! Not only did it have a great story but the sexy scenes were HOT!!! A truly enjoyable read. I highly recommend this book to anyone that is looking for that guilty pleasure. You won’t be sorry. I give this 5 stars