Multiracial, Deborah Withers’ love for her mother has turned to hate. The gullible woman, after fifteen years, still believes her long-lost husband will magically return to her.

When Deborah discovers her mother has jeopardized her future to Oxford by forging information on her financial application in an attempt to win her father back, she decides to leave her deluded mother and seek a better life for herself.
She believes any college is out of reach, until a guardian angel offers to pay all fees and accommodations for her at Oxford. She cannot believe her luck and turns her back on her mother.

Soon, she finds out her guardian angel is not a blessing, but a curse.

The Belonging series is sensual and mysterious, it will intrigue you and have you coming back for more.









I received an ARC complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.
Deborah Withers has spent most of her school years studying to go to Oxford, yet after all the years of studying, awards, and good grades she won’t be able to do it. Her Mother has spent most of her childhood years pining away for her father, a man who married her Mother and left not long after to return to his homeland and obtain a whole new family, just as though Deborah and her Mother never existed.

Until one day when she is called to an impromptu meeting at Oxford and told that a benefactor would be paying her school fees and she would be able to attend Oxford after all.

All she needed to do was spend a weekend with Mrs. Sparks.
Up front Mrs. Sparks comes across as wealthy, proper, and a bit uptight. This is a long way from where Deborah comes from with her Mother, stocking groceries shelves to survive, hoping her father would call, and her Grandmother being the only uplifting figure in her life. But it isn’t just Mrs. Sparks and Deborah in the Sparks’ family home for the weekend, the Sparks’ son Simon is there as well and unannounced Mr. Sparks announces for a weekend visit as well. I don’t want to give too much away but I think you can get the idea here.. the older man is attracted to the family’s most recent charity project, and Deborah is already attracted to him and will do nothing to stop it.
This is a quick 40 page novella that will leave you wanting for more, well worth the quick read if you don’t have time to become fully invested in a novel and just need a quick spicy read for your train ride, or a quick beach read. This is part one of a six part series, and I need the next one in the series! I don’t think Mrs. Sparks is as innocent as she seems and I think Mr. Sparks is well aware of that.

Fun, start to a new series!
Thank you , to J.S. Wilder for the opportunity to read and review the first in this new flirty series. I can’t wait to get my hands on the next one in the series!