We always think we have control of our lives. Sometimes fate doesn’t just throw you a curveball, it hits you in the face. Breaking your nose, blackening your eyes, and making you second guess everything you’ve spent your entire life working toward. Do you ignore that ball and continue in the direction of security and stability? Or do you throw caution to the wind, follow your heart, and potentially become so damaged that you’ll never recover?
Lucky Harris is a twenty-one-year-old college graduate embarking on an adventure to Portland, Oregon to continue medical school. She has a passion and drive to follow her dreams in the medical field. Her entire life has been carefully constructed with good grades, cautious behavior, and focusing solely on her future. That’s how it’s always been until Zeppelin Rhoades shows up on her doorstep. Literally. It’s only a matter of time before the once determined Lucky sets her sights on conquering a new goal. Spend as much time as humanly possible with Zeppelin Rhoades. He’s a few years older, covered in tattoos, and lives his life one day at a time; never forgetting to enjoy the moment and take advantage of every breath he has. With the encouragement of her best friend, Lucky decides to adopt this new lifestyle, letting her emotions lead her.

Experiencing an intensity she’s never known, passion she’s never felt, and a way to escape the mundane has her changing her once solid foundation. But seasons change and so do people. When she discovers Zeppelin is hiding something from her, those walls she let fall so easily begin to build back up. Zeppelin finally reveals his devastating secret and Lucky is left with two choices.

Walk away and forget him entirely or take his hand and follow him into the darkness and sorrow.


About the Author

Melissa is a self proclaimed book nerd that lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her amazing husband and daughters. When she’s not conversing with the voices in her head, she likes to date her husband and binge watch TV shows. She’s been self publishing for nearly seven years and can’t go a day without reading and/or writing.


Lucy, “Lucky” Harris has always planned her life out. She was to move in with her cousin Dixon in Portland, look for an apartment, and start medical school in the fall. Lucky practically accounted for everything she did. Living with her cousin exposed her to underground fighting. Then there was car racing but she was familiar with it since high school. It was exciting to watch and she didn’t count on meeting Zeppelin Rhoades. He was so hot and had lots of tattoos!! Lucky was cautious and overthinking situations. Being around Zeppelin started to change that. She found herself having fun and being carefree. They soon started spending a lot of time together. Things were going great between them until Zeppelin started to act distant. He wouldn’t tell her why he needed to leave to Seattle at random times. Can Lucky trust him or is Zeppelin setting her up for heartbreak?

Oh Lucky and Zeppelin…sigh. This book was so amazing! I was instantly drawn to Lucky. I fell for Zeppelin. The author really did a great job with the characters. I couldn’t put the book down! I laugh; I cried. Anyone who reads this will not be disappointed. A truly great read that I highly recommend!