She’s spent her whole life acting. But can she make him believe she doesn’t love him? The final book in the Fenbrook Academy trilogy
Three years ago, a terrified girl named Emma fled a world of crime and abuse in Chicago and bought a one-way ticket to New York. She reinvented herself as an actress, enrolled at the prestigious Fenbrook Academy and buried her pain beneath a vivacious new persona. Her new name was Jasmine.

Now she has to pull off the performance of her career. Landing her dream part in a police show, she finds herself falling for her co-star, Ryan, a real-life cop. If she lets him get too close, he’ll awaken memories she doesn’t want to face and uncover secrets that could endanger them both. But how can she keep a guy at arm’s length when she has to kiss him on camera?

The last place Ryan imagined himself was on a TV show. Blaming himself for the death of his partner, he’s on a downward spiral of rage and guilt. The show is his last chance…but how can he keep it professional when his co-star is a woman he’s crazy about?

As their on-screen and off-screen relationships merge, things go from hot to blistering. But when Jasmine’s old life catches up with her, will a cop be the one person she can’t be around…or the only person who can save her?

Recommended for 18+ due to mature scenes. Trigger advisory inside book.





Jasmine is an actress who attends Fenbrook Academy and is hiding from her past. Ryan is a cop who has been dealt a bad hand. The two met awhile back and although they are attracted to each other, nothing had happened. There is a producer who is looking for fresh faces to star in his new cop show and Jasmine lands the gig of a lifetime! The idea is to mix actors with real life cops. Ryan also gets on the show opposite of Jasmine. They can no longer fight their attraction. Can Jasmine and Ryan push through their pasts or will it ruin what chance they have to be together?

OMG I loved this book! By far my favorite of the series. I was hooked and rooting for Jasmine and Ryan! I loved Jasmine’s character to begin with and I love that she got her own book. I laughed and cried. A truly enjoyable read.