Hi! I’m Jane. I am a book-addict, born and raised in Bronx, NY.

My number one hobby is reading with a little bit of Netflix. Anything from paranormal to contemporary (especially bad-boys, the occasional alpha-male, but my all-time favorites, are the nice guys. Everyone needs a nice and sensitive guy. I love books that I want to read in one sitting, especially ones that give me a book hangover.

I have always read, even since I was little, but I got into massive amounts of reading when Twilight was born (pre-movies). From that point on, I have been glued to books. I have 5,000 books on my Kindle, with a very long TBR list, but that’s just more for me to read! I have always loved talking about books I’ve read and I love to write, so that’s how this blog was born. The blog started several years ago, and I ended up taking a break but now I’m back and feel better than ever.

for general inquiries please contact me
at [email protected]